Hello! 👋🏻
I'm Michael Wadsworth - Co-Founder & CEO of adoor

If it's startup, football or Google related I'm sold ✌🏻

What I'm working on:

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Track your house move online.

Whether you are buying, selling or both, adoor helps you see the whole process and track every step along the way. You'll also find our Know-How built-in, simple explainers to help you understand what's going on and why.

Leaving you to relax and look forward to your next home through adoor.

Sign up today adoor.co.uk and start tracking your move.

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Been Bean

Biodegradable protective packaging, made from used coffee beans.
Find out more at beenbean.com

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Wadsworth & Wells

🇬🇧 The made in Great Britain Clothing company 🇬🇧
Buy products and find out more at wadsworthwells.com

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OrDiff is the launch platform for ventures 🚀

If you are looking to get your idea or product off the ground I can help!
Find out more at OrDiff.com or get in touch at hello@ordiff.com

What I'm Reading

Right Now:
Barack Obama - A Promised Land
Guy Raz - How I Built This
Damian Hughes - 5 steps

What I've read recently:
Matthew Mcconaughey - Green Lights
Michelle Obama - Becoming
Bob Iger - The Ride of a Lifetime
Roger & William - Getting to Yes
Marc Levinson - The Box

Must Reads:
Phil Knight - Shoe Dog
Sam Walton - Made in America
Jocko & Leif - Extreme Ownership
Kim Scott - Radical Candor
Prof Steve Peters - The Chimp Paradox
Sir Thomas Lipton - Autobiography
Patty McCord - Powerful


Tim Ferriss
High Performance by Jake Humphrey & Damian Hughes
How I Built This with Guy Raz
Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman
Secret Leaders with Dan Murray-Serter
Hello Monday with Jessie Hempel